Compact digital mobile radio

Perfectly formed and user friendly, the Hytera MD652 mobile digital radio is a reliable companion for secure communication. Operated on a desktop or mounted in a vehicle, the MD652 excels through its simple operation via the handheld microphone.

Request the MD652(G) variant for GPS.


Compact Design

With its slimline dimensions (165 × 46 × 140 mm) and at a weight of only 1050 g, the MD652 excels as a flexible, lightweight mobile radio solution.


Analogue or Digital

It is possible to configure both analogue and digital channels. This enables the user to easily switch between modes, making it simpler to migrate to digital.


Improved Comms Capacity

The MD652 allows the available bandwidth to be assigned with twice the number of channels, thanks to Hytera Pseudo Trunking technology.


Intuitive Operation

The MD652 is operated completely via the handheld microphone, which contains all necessary buttons, programmable keys and an LCD display. An optional adapter and wireless handheld microphone provides a completely cable free solution if required.


Versatile Installation

With its operation via handheld microphone, the MD652 unit can be installed at any suitable location in a vehicle, ideal for neat, discreet fitting.



G version only (via seperate antenna), Global Positioning System, enabling location based services to improve safety and control.



Allows the monitoring and control of external devices, either by another radio or via a software application.



Send a priority transmission to interrupt other calls, ideal for important, critical messages.



Combining noise cancelling technology to remove nusiance noise from the transmission, with powerful speakers to deliver clear communications.



Raise an alarm with top priority to the base station or to other radios with the pre-programmed emergency mode, identifying the person issuing the alarm.



The Lone Worker feature uses a timer in the radio to measure inactivity. If the timer expires, a warning is issued, and if there is no response to that, the alarm is triggered.



This feature allows you to listen to communication activities on other channels so that you can keep a close track of your team members.



Using pseudo-trunking, a Hytera patented technology, slots can be shared to improve capacity usage with transmissions either direct to handset or to repeater.



Hytera XPT (Extended Pseudo Trunk) enables you to use limited spectrum resources more efficiently without needing a dedicated control channel.