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The maximum power on a Portable Two Way radio is 5 watt of Transmitting power. The higher the power the clearer and further your radio will transmit. Most commercial portable are 4 or 5 watt of power and generally have a range of approximately 3-5 km depending on the ground layout. Most commercial vehicle radio's have 25w of power generally providing a range of approximately 10-15 km. Commercial repeater will vary depending on its licence although generally between 50 to 100w. These repeaters depending where located would provide a range of approximately 40 to 60 km.

That will depend on how many operators you have and the range or communication required. Contact us and we can go through your options to best suit your budget.

Voting is a system that is generally used where the user is on the move and the radio like a mobile phone will lock onto the strongest signal form transmitting and receiving. Generally used on a rail network or alike. Repeaters are placed along the path and as the user moves location the radio will automatically scan for the strongest signal to operate on. Systems either in UHF or VHF. BHP uses this System between Karratha and Yandi area C. H.I. uses their in UHF also in the Pilbara region.

Conventional is a standard radio to radio to repeater to radio system.

A repeater just does that, repeats your voice data from one point to another and is generally used to create a greater range or supplies voice data to hard to get at places.

Hiring supplies all the equipment immediately with the option to change as the project changes, delivers dedicated licensed frequencies, equipment reports, failed equipment exchange immediately, fully Tax deductible and no warehouse or maintenance costs involved.

Instantaneous employee communications. For safety, security, efficiency and financial reasons, two-way radio is the single, most widely used employee communications solution.

The minimum number is two and there is no maximum limit, providing the radios are within range of one another and all radios are using the same channel.

The range of radios is entirely dependant on where they are used and whether there are any obstructions like hills, buildings etc between the radios. All radios are capable of working over several miles providing there is good line of sight but the range will be reduced by any obstructions. Some manufacturers do quote approximate ranges of 2, 3 or even 5Km but these distances refer to ideal operating conditions and should be regarded as only a guide and cannot be guaranteed. Mobile and base station ranges increase to between 5 and 20 km depending on terrain. In order to increase these unit-to-unit ranges, users incorporate the use of a local repeater into their system.

Yes. We offer a wide range of accessories, chargers, carrying cases, extra batteries, external microphones, hands-free kits, supplementary antennas, cabling, connectors and a wide range of audio accessories.

All our equipment is extremely reliable and of the best quality, and equipment failure is a very rare event. However, we take pride in our prompt back-up service therefore in the event of equipment failures just inform us and we will promptly supply you with a replacement.

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