Model: VX-4600
Operating Frequency: 136-174 MHz VHF 400-470 / 450-520 MHz UHF
Channels: 512 / 32 Groups
Transmit TX Power (erp): 25 / 12.5 / 5W

The VX-4600 series provides a full range of signalling capabilities including 2-tone, 5-tone and MDC 1200® encode/decode for selective calling. With the built-in voice inversion encryption, private communication is enhanced, ensuring messages could only be heard by those intended.

  • Channel Announcement function works to simplify your chore of switching from the current channel to other channels while task on hand.
  • Equipped with Voice Activation (VOX) to enable users to transmit voice without pressing the hands-free operation for convenience.
  • Suitable for noisy environment, where the Clear Voice function can be activated to ensure your message is heard.
  • Suitable for quiet environment, where the Whisper capability function can be activated to augment audio transmit, perfect for much needed discreet communications.
  • Equipped with the DVS-8 Voice Storage unit, which enables you to record and store up to 120 seconds of important messages.

If there is limited space, this radio has the added benefit of a remote mounted faceplate. Mount the faceplate in the dashboard and the main radio elsewhere; concealed under a seat or behind the driver in the cab of a truck, with no impact to your communications. The optional remote mount kit comes complete with a five metre ribbon cable with waterproof connectors.