Model: TX3800
Operating Frequency: 450 - 520MHz
Channels: Wide Band
Transmit TX Power (erp): 25 Watts transmitter output power

Rugged, Australian made commercial radios

UHF 450-520U WB, 25 watt is a compact design incorporating a rugged die-cast aluminium chassis which allows it to withstand constant vibration and extreme temperatures. The TX3800 provides a full 25 Watts of output power without compromising the size of the radio. The TX3800 offers local mounting with an optional DIN sized console mounting using the MBD001 DIN adaptor kit allows the TX3800 to be easily installed or removed and has a flash' upgradeable microprocessor and flexible programming. The TX3800 has many calling options including CTCSS, DCS, MDC1200, DTMF and multi-tone selective calling which makes it an ideal network radio.