Model: GP339
Operating Frequency: 136-174 MHz / 403-470 MHz / 450-527 MHz
Channels: 255
Operating Volts Range: 7.5V
Transmit TX Power (erp): 5W - 136 - 174MHz, 4W - 403 - 470MHz, 450 - 527MHz

The GP339 is vital for growing organisations due to its wide range of versatile offerings and its ability to accommodate 255 different communication channels. No matter where it is used, in the rugged environment of the construction site or in the posh elegance of a hotel, the GP339 ensures world-class reliability and efficiency that is very much associated with Motorola’s series of professional radios. Like the GP329, the GP339 offers superb audio clarity through the X-PAND™feature. The GP339 can store commonly-used contact lists and up to 100 individual caller-IDs and phone numbers for immediate access. Time-conscious users can also rely on programmable buttons for key features and the call timer feature for efficient management of airtime.