Powerful and easy to operate Analogue mobile radio

The functional, simple-to-use HYT TM-610 mobile is designed to give you the immediate, reliable communication you need to keep mobile teams working efficiently. The TM-610 features voice audio enhancement and a powerful 5W internal or 13W external speaker to ensure superb clear, crisp sound, even in noisy environments.


Simple Operation

The 15 segment display can show channels or zones as well as call numbers and other function settings.


Versatile Channel Management

The TM-610 scan feature allows for single or multiple zone scanning. Scanning features include add / delete scan channels, nuisance channel delete and user selectable priority channel.


Emergency Response

The emergency button transmits an instant pre-programmed signal to respond to an incident, whilst also offering lone worker features for additional safety.


Stun and Revive

The stun function permits an authorised radio to remote disable another lost radio, providing higher security for the asset, ideal for the radio rental business.


Work Group Flexibility

The 128 channel and zoning capability offers flexibility in organizing work groups. Assign user friendly ID's and utilise dynamic regrouping to adapt to changing circumstances.