Model BL2000
Operating Frequency 136-174 MHz
Channels 128 Channels
Operating volts Range 13.6 V DC 15%
Transmit TX power (erp) < 5 Amp (5W) < 6.5 Amp (25W)

Multiple Signalling Options

These radios provide a wide range of signalling options allowing dealers maximum flexibility in configuring systems. Signaling options include: CTCSS, CDCSS, DTMF Encode.

Powerful Audio

A powerful 5W internal speaker and 13W external speaker output ensures high-quality, clear, crisp sound, even in noisy environments.

Built-in Scrambler

The scrambler feature provides enhanced security for your important public safety and private security communications.

Built-in Modem

The built in 1200/2400 bps MSK modem offers data transmission capabilities.

Public Address - PA

The PA feature feeds mike audio through an external PA amplifier and outputs through an external speaker offering robust audio.